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Aspects such as safety of the connections and precision of the settings are of central importance for pressure reducers, flowmeters and flow regulators. Our users also appreciate the good readability of the settings as well as the small and light construction. The broad range of AEROway® products will give you the best choice. Scroll down and find the device that suits your needs in the Fine, Fast and Fix series. The AEROway® Distributors and Distributor Bars as well as the advanced EASY Breeze Inhalation Device for the homecare sector complete the product range.


Inhalation Systems for Aerosol Therapy

Air Liquide Healthcare solutions complement our AEROway® product range with high-performance inhalation systems for the aerosol therapy of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Soffio Cube offers a user-friendly operating concept for an easy and efficient therapy for the whole family. The Nebula inhalation device provides top technical performance and the highest level of reliability for healthcare facilities and private users, and the Rinowash nasal shower rounds out the product range.