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AEROtube® anesthesia products for the artificial ventilation unite the variety and reliability required by professional users. Our ventilation tubing systems, made of different materials and available in different designs, offer the right configuration for almost every application context. Long service life increases patient safety and reduces treatment costs. The comprehensive system accessories, including the AEROvent® breathing filters, ensure a high degree of application safety and enable efficient demand planning.

Ventilation Tubing Systems

Ventilation Tubing Systems

Single-use and reusable ventilation tubing and tubing systems for anesthesia and emergency environments, non-sterile, single hygienic packaging. Various diameters (22 mm, 15 mm) and lengths (extendable models). Different configurations (breathing bag, connectors, water trap) in PE | PVC | PP | silicone and PE coaxial available.

AEROtube® - PE Ventilation Tubing Systems

Corrugated tubing.

AEROtube® - PVC Ventilation Tubing Systems

Spiral coiled tubing, smoothbore.

AEROtube® - PP Ventilation Tubing Systems

Corrugated tubing, extendable.

AEROtube® - Silicone Ventilation Tubing Systems

Spiral coiled tubing, smoothborett.

AEROtube® - Coaxial Ventilation Tubing Systems

Combines inspiratory and expiratory tubing in one single unit. PE, latex-free.

Ventilation Tubing | Corrugated Tubing

Ventilation Tubing | Corrugated Tubing

AEROtube® - Ventilation Tubing

PE | PVC | PP | Silicone, available in different configurations, with 22F cuffs.

AEROtube® - Corrugated Tubing

Single use corrugated tubing, 22 mm, PE and EVA material with 22 mm cuffs, fix length 0.40 m or 1 m, 30 m rolls cuttable in 0.15 m steps.

Disposable Catheter Mounts

Disposable Catheter Mounts

AEROtube® - Disposable Catheter Mounts

Single use catheter mounts for the connection of the ventilation tubing system towards the patient. Patient-side connections 22M/15F. Available in 12 different configurations.

Breathing Bags (latex, latex-free, silicone)

Breathing Bags
(Latex, Latex-free, Silicone)

AEROtube® - Breathing Bags

Single use breathing bags, latex or latex-free as well as reusable silicone autoclavable up to 134 °C, with 22F-cuffs.

Components for ventilation tubing systems

Components for ventilation tubing systems

AEROtube® - Components for ventilation tubing systems

Tubing connectors, adapter and water traps for ventilation tubes and tubing systems. Different connections, polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), polypropylene (PP) or polysulfone (PSF).

Test Lung | Silicone Bag

Test Lung | Silicone Bag

AEROtube® - Test Lung

Reusable test lung 1000 ml, for easy testing and calibration of ventilators, dimensions 292 x 100 x 42 mm, weight 234 g.

AEROtube® - Silicone Bag

Silicone bag for AEROtube® - Test Lung, 1000 ml volume.

Breathing Filters

Breathing Filters

AEROvent® - Bacterial and Viral Filters with HME (HMEF) | Breathing Filters

Electrostatic bacterial and viral filter with heat and moisture exchanger (HME) for filtration as well as heating and humidification of the air.

AEROvent® - Bacterial and Viral Filter “Slimline” | Breathing Filters

Electrostatic bacterial and viral filter for the reliable contamination protection of patient and respiratory devices. Low tensile forces on patient connection due to slim and lightweight design.