Emergency and Transport Cases


In order to be able to provide successful first aid, the equipment must first reach the place of the accident safely. AEROcase® emergency and transport cases are the guarantee that your valuable and life-saving equipment will not be damaged on the way to the scene. In the three AEROcase® product series EMS+, EMS - Emergency Medical Services and 1R - First Responder you will find the right answer for every emergency scenario. The EMS+ series combines the outstanding hygienic concept of the thanks to ultrasonic welding technology seamless interior with the fast and clean magnetic fixation of the modular bags. EMS is aimed at users for whom a complete product series designed for continuous use should go hand in hand with an excellent price-performance ratio. 1R is the preferred choice for first responders looking for professional equipment at an entry-level price.

Notfall- und Transportbehältnisse

Product overview

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Emergency Bags

Emergency Bags

AEROcase® - PRObag

Emergency bags with magnetic, colour-coded grid modular system for individual modular bag assembly. Due to the applied ultrasonic welding technology, dirt traps such as hook and loop strips can be completely dispensed with and the risk of germ contamination is thus significantly reduced.

Oxygen bags

Oxygen Bags

AEROcase® - OXYbag

Compact oxygen bags for oxygen cylinders up to 2 liters, made of high quality AEROtex® - PLANPRO (Truck tarpaulin). Magnetic EASY Access Window for a continuous regulation of the O2 flow and control of the cylinder contents. Available in two versions, both as “Slim“ version without front pocket as well as large version with front pocket.

First aid bag

First Aid Bag

AEROcase® -FirstAid Bag

Robust first aid bag made of high quality tarpaulin, with dust-proof zippers. A comfortable wall hanging storage solution with magnetic closure that ensures an easy attachment in companies, schools and wherever else first aid items have to be ready for use. Generous space and well thought-out internal compartments for extensive first aid equipment.

Special Equipment

Special Equipment

AEROcase® - Device Bag for corpuls3

Robust emergency device bag especially developed and tested
for the corpuls3 patient monitor with integrated defibrillator, for
a reliable protection and unrestricted operation. Compatible with the defibrillator unit, Type STANDARD and SLIM.

Completed conformity evaluation procedure according to Directive 93/42/EEC Annex VII.

AEROcase® - IMMObag

Compact emergency bag, balanced for the perfect carrying comfort, with generous compartments for the storage of an extensive immobilization equipment. Made of high quality AEROtex® - PLANPRO (Truck tarpaulin).



AEROcase® - ORGAbag

Organizer in DIN A4 (incl. aluminium clipboard) and DIN A5 for
the clear organization and storage of forms, documents, vehicle papers, writing utensils, etc. With many practical details that simplify the daily use.

Personal Equipment

Personal Equipment

AEROcase® - WEARbag

Spacious clothing bag made of extra robust AEROtex® - PLAN (Tarpaulin), in "Large / Extra Large" as multifunctional spatial miracle for the hygienic storage of personal protective clothing
and special equipment.

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Emergency Backpacks

Emergency Backpacks

AEROcase® - MPXL1C

Extremely durable emergency backpack in "Extra Large"
made of AEROtex® - PLAN (Tarpaulin). On the outside
2 big front pockets and 3 side pockets, interior e.g. with
integrated oxygen cylinder holder and 7 transparent modular bags. Available in Signal Red (RAL 3001), Luminous Yellow
(RAL 1026) and Ultramarine Blue (RAL 5002).

AEROcase® - EPMC

AED emergency backpack EMS in "Medium", made of durable AEROtex® - PLAN (Tarpaulin), with padded front pocket for the safe transport of almost all common AED devices. Thanks to the unique unfolding mechanism, all compartments can be accessed quickly in an emergency situation and offer a structured overview.

Emergency bags

Emergency Bags

AEROcase® - MBVL1

Universal emergency bag concept in "Large" with structured, practical interior layout. Main compartment in the bottom with variably adjustable partioning system. For flexible operational use in emergency medical service, medical practices and other medical facilities.

Oxygen Bags

Oxygen Bags

AEROcase® - MBOL1

Spacious oxygen bag in "Large" for oxygen cylinders (2 and
5 liters). With external front pocket and EASY Access Window for
a continuous regulation of the O2 flow and control of the cylinder contents. Structured main compartment for quick removal of accessories. Additional details for an easy and safe use of the bag.

Ampoule Cases

Ampoule Cases

AEROcase® - MCAS1

The ampoule case "Small" can hold up to 50 ampoules. The devider can be removed with hook and loop material. All-round integrated foam protects the contents from shattering. Ampoules are attached by incorporated fixation loops. Transparent window on the front and hook and loop strip on the back.

AEROcase® - MCAL1

Up to 66 ampoules and 6 vials can be safely stored in the ampoule case "Large". The ampoule boards and the padded divider are removable. All-round integrated foam protects the contents from shattering. Hook and loop strip on the front and back for patches or attachment in emergency cases. With transparent window for a parts list

Intubation Cases

Intubation Cases

AEROcase® - MCIS1

The space-saving, rollable intubation bag in "Small" made of very durable nylon material provides a clearly structured interior for quick removal during operations. The wide and stable fixation loops and the length-adjustable closure strap allow you to store any intubation accessories.

AEROcase® - MCIL1

The intubation case in "Large" provides enough space for the safe storage of your airway management equipment. It is robust and made of well disinfectable tarpaulin material. Transparent front pocket and hook and loop strips on the outside and many elastic fixation loops in the inside for the protection of the contents.

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Emergency backpacks

Emergency Backpacks

AEROcase® - RPL1C

Versatile and functional emergency backpack in “Large” made of AEROtex® - PLAN (Tarpaulin) or AEROtex® - PES (Polyester) with two-part interior for storage of the 5 supplied modular bags.
Two front and two side pockets on the outside for equipment. Tarpaulin version available in red, blue and yellow. Polyester version available in red, blue and black.

Emergency bags

Emergency Bags

AEROcase® - RBS1 | RBM1 | RBL1

Emergency bags in “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”, ideal
for professional first aid, made of robust and durable
AEROtex® - PLAN (Tarpaulin) or AEROtex® - PES (Polyester). Structured and padded interior division and spacious front pockets. Including shoulder carrying strap.

AEROcase® - RBVM1C

Emergency bag “Medium” made of red AEROtex® - PES (Polyester), incl. plastic insert with variable interior design. Integrated holder for oxygen cylinders 0.8  | 1 | 2 liters and 4-colour coded
inner bags.