Gas Supply

AEROpart®  | AEROway®

The components used in the gas supply must not be in no way inferior in terms of reliability and user-friendliness to the devices used directly on the patient. Compressed gas cylinders from AEROpart® with medical oxygen or other application-dependent fillings as well as pressure reducers, flow regulators and flow meters together with extensive accessories from AEROway® are sought-after and appreciated equipment in homecare, rescue services and clinics. New in the range are the AEROway® Fast + ZGA FLow controllers: Accurate and stable flow even in pressure fluctuations in gas systems (flow rate accuracy according to DIN EN ISO 10524-4).

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Compressed Gas Cylinders

AEROpart® - Oxygen Cylinder

Filled compressed gas cylinder or cylinder fillings with medical oxygen, oxygen for altitude breathing or for food processing.

AEROpart® - Compressed Gas Cylinders with Compressed Air | Nitrous Oxide | Carbonic Dioxide

Filled compressed gas cylinders or cylinder fillings with medical compressed air (AIR), nitrous oxide (N2O) or medical carbonic dioxide (CO2).

Pressure Reducers


AEROway® - Pressure Reducers

AEROway® pressure reducers cover versatile application possibilities in the areas of homecare, emergency medical service and hospital. Choose Fine type for continuously adjustable flow regulation, Fast type for gradually adjustable regulation and Fix type for fix flows. Large variety of combinations of inlets and outlets available.

Flow Meters and Flow Regulators

Flow Meters and Flow Regulators

AEROway® - Flow Meters and Flow Regulators

AEROway® Fine type Flow Meters with continuously adjustable flow regulation and AEROway® Fast type Flow Regulators with gradually adjustable regulation. For connection to DIN-couplings (DIN 13260) or central gas outlets in emergency vehicles and hospitals. Available as single or double flow meter/flow regulator. Novelty: The AEROway® Fast+ ZGA Flow Regulator compensates different pressures and pressure fluctuations at central gas outlets in hospitals.

Distributor Bars | Distributors

Distributor Bars | Distributors

AEROway® - Distributor Bars  | Distributors

AEROway® Distributor bars / Distributors for oxygen (O2) or medical pressure air (AIR) ensure e.g. in emergency vehicles the supply of several medical devices through one gas source only. Large variety of combinations of inlets and outlets available. Different models for wall mounting or wall rail clamp fastening.

Pressure tubing

Pressure tubing

AEROway® - Pressure Tubing

Antistatic PVC-Pressure tubes for medical gas with neutral color or color coded according to ISO 5359. Available in bulk quantity or as completely manufactured pressure tubing with different connectors available.

Adapters | Tubing Connectors | Couplings and Plugs

Adapters | Tubing Connectors | Couplings and Plugs

AEROway® - Adapters | Tubing Connectors | Couplings and Plugs

AEROway® offers a range of accessories for almost any desired connection configuration. High-grade adapters for the connection of different components, tubing connectors for 6 mm tubings available as straight-rigid, straight-moveable and angles-moveable (360° rotatable), straight and Y-couplings for O2, AIR and N2O, DIN 13260-plugs and further accessories cover almost any connection scenario.