Patient Monitoring


The basic requirement for devices for patient monitoring is the absolute technical reliability of the displayed measured values. They are the basis for further therapeutic decisions by the medical staff, which can be of decisive importance for the success of treatment. AEROcheck® supports you with well-engineered and high-quality technology, the superiority of which is constantly confirmed in daily use. From easy-to-use finger pulse oximeter for mobile use to sophisticated pulse oximetry with proven Masimo SET® technology, AEROcheck® offers an assortment that covers almost every need in outpatient and inpatient areas.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

AEROcheck® - PO11 Fingertip Pulse Oximete

Fingertip pulse oximeter in appealing and compact design for reliable SpotCheck-measurement of oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Easy handling, with versatile storage case.

Masimo® SET® Pulse Oximeter

Masimo® SET® Pulse Oximeter

AEROcheck® - sat 801+

Handy, lightweight pulse oximeter. Protected housing, brilliant multicolor-TFT-display. Proven Masimo SET® technology. 22 h Li-Ion battery. Ideal for long-term monitoring and SpotCheck measurement in homecare, hospital, transport & emergency areas.

AEROcheck® - sat 805

Pulse oximeter for long-term monitoring. Big clear LCD with easy menu-driven operation via multifunctional rotary encoder. Proven Masimo SET® technology. 22 h Li-Ion battery. Versatile interfaces: remote alarm, USB, SD-card. Ideal for long-term monitoring in homecare, hospital & sleep laboratory areas.

AEROcheck® - Accessories for sat 801+ and sat 805

In addition to the extensive accessories (bags, mountings, remote alarm cables, etc.), we also offer you the cost-effective AEROcheck® - satView documentation and analysis software, free of charge up to version 1.1.9, fee-based with a larger range of functions (display of ODE and ODI) as of version 1.2.0.

Masimo® Sensors, Cables and Accessories

Masimo® Sensors, Cables and Accessories

Masimo® RD SET and LNCS® Sensors

Masimo® single use adhesive and reusable sensor models RD SET and LNCS®. For neonates, children and adults. Durable, excellent shielding and low background noise. Different cable lengths and - in the case of reusable models - available for various measuring points on the body.

Masimo® RD SET and LNCS® Patient Cable

Masimo® patient cables for RD SET or LNCS® sensors, different lengths from 1.2 m (4 ft.) up to 4.2 m (14 ft.).

Masimo® Adapter Cable for RD SET Sensors

Adapter cable for connection of RD SET sensors with LNOP® respectively LNCS® patient cables.

Masimo® RD SET and LNCS® Accessories

Skin-friendly, padded foam wraps, replacement adhesive tapes and ear trailer for fixation of specific Masimo-sensors.