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The AEROsuc® range for the suction of body fluids, secretions and foreign substances, though applying device-specific different techniques, has a common goal: Provide the user with the necessary equipment for a powerful and reliable suction by using manually, electrically or pneumatically generated vacuum. From the purely mechanically operated hand and foot suction pumps Rescue and VacUp via the electrical EASY Home models as mains and rechargeable battery versions to the AEROsuc® vacuum regulators and suction injectors, we offer you the right technology for outpatient and stationary applications in rescue services, care and clinics. A comprehensive range of accessories, which includes, among other things, the proven AEROvent® suction filters, enables the devices to be adapted to suit your application scenario.

Electric Suction Units

Electric Suction Units

AEROsuc® - EASY Home 1
Suction Pump - Mains Version

Electrical suction unit for use in medical environments (e.g. hospitals) and in homecare areas.

AEROsuc® - EASY Home 2
Suction Pump - Battery Version

Electrical suction unit with integrated battery for use in medical environments (e.g. hospitals) and in homecare areas.

Pneumatic Suction Devices

Pneumatic Suction Devices

AEROsuc® - Suction Regulators

Suction regulators for medical or surgical suction, with DIN-plug VAC for connection with central gas outlets VAC in hospitals.

AEROsuc® - Suction Injectors

Suction injectors for suction of fluids and secrete, with DIN-plug (AIR / O2) for connection with DIN-Couplings respectively central gas outlets (AIR / O2) in hospitals.

AEROsuc® - MobilControl | MobilInject

Portable suction devices equipped with AEROsuc® - Suction Regulators or AEROsuc® - Suction Injectors.

AEROsuc® - CarryControl

Mobile standing devices equipped with AEROsuc® suction regulators.

AEROsuc® - Water Manometer

Water manometer with DIN-plugs for connection to ZGA-DIN-Couplings or central gas outlets / vacuum pipes in hospitals.

Manual Suction Devices

Manual Suction Devices

AEROsuc® - VacUp
Foot-Operated Suction Pump

Power supply independent secretion suction pump, foot-operated, for emergency situations, also suitable for hand-operation. Max. vacuum 0.82 bar | max. suction capacity 72 lpm.

AEROsuc® - Rescue
Hand-Operated Suction Pump

Maintenance-free and power supply independent hand-operated suction pump for emergency situations. Max. pressure of 0.6 bar with suction performance of >20 lpm.

Suction Containers | Quiver Sets | Brackets

Suction Containers | 
Quiver Sets | Brackets

AEROsuc® - Suction Containers | Containers and Lids

Suction container for pneumatic suction devices. Versions with capacities of 1000 ml, 2000 ml and 4000 ml.

AEROsuc® - Brackets for Suction Containers

Chromed single, double or standing brackets for suction containers. Wall-mounting models with integrated holder for rail clamps.

AEROsuc® - Tubular Quiver Sets and Spare Parts

Tubular quivers with chromed single and double tubular brackets, with integrated holder for rail clamps. Also available quiver sets for storage of suction catheter.

Suction Catheter

Suction Catheter

AEROsuc® - Suction Catheter

Latex free PVC suction catheter, single sterile packed. 50 cm length, connectors in sizes CH 6 up to CH 18.

Suction Tubing | Fingertips

Suction Tubing | Fingertips

AEROsuc® - Silicone Suction Tubing

Silicone Suction Tubing, various diameters and wall thickness options, 25 m rolls.

AEROsuc® - Suction Tubing

PVC suction tubing with funnel connector and fingertip, CH 25, 200 cm length.

AEROsuc® - Fingertips

Fingertip for vacuum control, for usage between suction catheter and suction tubing, different models.

Suction Device Protection Filters

Suction Device Protection Filters

AEROvent® - Device Protection Filter |  Suction Units

Bacterial and viral filter for suction units, reliable protection of suction devices against contaminated air and liquids, available with different connections.