CPAP Therapy


The therapeutic treatment of sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS) by CPAP ventilation technique is largely carried out by the patient in the home area
and therefore requires easy and safe accessories, where the application and maintenance effort as well as the costs are within a tolerable rang.
The AEROtube® - CPAP Tubes and Tubing Systems as well as the practical accessories and the AEROvent® - CPAP Filters meet these requirements
without compromising on quality, technology or patient comfort.

CPAP-Tubes / Tubing Systems and Connectors

CPAP Tubes / Tubing Systems and Connectors

AEROtube® - Universal CPAP Breathing Tubes (Standard and Slim)

High quality universal CPAP breathing tubes of type
Standard (19 mm) and Slim (15 mm), with 22 mm cuffs,
in grey, length 1.80 m, for adults. Each available in the
versions Classic and the even lighter and more flexible
Classic FL (Classic Flex).

CPAP Tubing System for SOMNOcomfort
(Löwenstein Medical Technology / Weinmann)

CPAP tubing system CSS3 including 22 mm CPAP breathing tube with 22 mm silicone cuffs, length 1.80 m. With internal pressure measurement hose 3 x 1 and 2 sealing plugs. Suitable for CPAP device SOMNOcomfort.

AEROtube® - Tubing Connectors

Tubing connectors / adapters for connecting anesthesia / ventilation and CPAP breathing tubes or tubing systems.
Versions for single use or reusable.

CPAP Accessories

CPAP Accessories

AEROtube® - Accessories for CPAP Therapy

AEROtube® - CPAP Accessories for more hygiene and comfort
in CPAP therapy: The tube cleaning system for simplified cleaning and storage of tubes, the hose wrap to avoid condensation, the mask stand for drying and storing the mask and gel nose pads in two sizes for greater mask wearing comfort.

CPAP Filters

CPAP Filters

AEROvent® - Fine und Foam
Device Filters
For nCPAP and BiPAP / Bilevel Devices

Fine and foam filters for nCPAP devices from various manufacturers, for the filtration of particles from the
ambient air aspirated by the device.