Metal Laryngoscope Handles, reusable

Back in the program: Our reusable F.O. laryngoscope handles will be available again from June! Available in three different designs, with energy-saving LED technology, very good luminosity as well as crafted from high quality materials.

Neuheiten Geräteschutzfilter für Invacare® - Sauerstoff-Konzentratoren Inhalte

Our reusable F.O. laryngoscope handles complement our AEROtube® range in the field of airway management and are available in three different designs.

  • Compatible according to DIN EN ISO 7376 (Green Standard)
  • High quality made of chrome plated brass
  • Battery-operated (2 batteries 1,5V type C or 2 batteries 1,5V type A)
  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • Very good luminosity
  • Non-slip grip sleeve surface

Available in Medium (Standard Version, Ø 28 mm), Pediatric (Slim Version, Ø 19 mm) and Stubby (Short Version - Ø 32 mm) – in addition to our AEROtube® – Metal Laryngoscope Blades for single use!

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