Oxygen and Inhalation Therapy

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Patients whose physical well-being depends on an oxygen or inhalation therapy, as well as healthcare professionals who use these measures
on patients in outpatient or inpatient settings, know the technical challenges that are placed on the equipment: The mobile application possibilities of
the equipment must not be at the expense of performance or reliability and the individual components must harmonise perfectly with each other,
both mobile and stationary. Four of our brands ensure that this goal is achieved: AEROtreat® - Components for Oxygen Treatment, AEROpart® - Oxygen and Inhalation Accessories as well as Humidifying Technology, AEROvent® - Filters for Oxygen Concentrators and the Air Liquide Healthcare Inhalation Systems of our AEROway® product range, exclusively distributed by HUM in Germany, are reliably at your side for a successful course of therapy.

Oxygen Therapy Treatment Solutions

Components for
Oxygen Treatment

AEROtreat® - Components for
Oxygen Treatment
Portable - with Bag

Single components for the individual composition of portable oxygen devices for mobile use and for short-term oxygen application. Possible configuration with different AEROway® - Fast or AEROway® - Fix I Pressure Reducers as well as oxygen cylinders.
Short-term adjustable oxygen inhalation
For Therapy and Emergencies

AEROtreat® - Components for
Oxygen Treatment
Mobile - Inhalation

Single components for the individual composition of mobile oxygen standing devices and armatures. Possible configuration with different AEROway® - Fast or AEROway® - Fine Pressure Reducers.
For mobile oxygen standing devices | For Inhalation

AEROtreat® - Components for
Oxygen Treatment
Mobile - Inhalation, Suction and Ventilation

Single components for the individual composition of mobile oxygen standing devices for nursing care and in emergency.
For inhalation as well as for dosable suction and ventilation.
For mobile oxygen standing devices | For Inhalation, Suction and Ventilation

AEROtreat® - Components for
Oxygen Treatment
With Carrying Device

Single components for the individual composition of portable oxygen devices with carrying device or double carrying device. Possible configuration with AEROway® - Pressure Reducers and
2 liter oxygen cylinder.
For applications with carrying device | Inhalation Inhalation and Suction

Exemplary presentations | Order and delivery not possible as a set, only as single components. Suction container without tubing set.

Oxygen and Inhalation Accessories

Oxygen and Inhalation Accessories

Pressurised Gas Cylinders Oxygen
Compressed Air | Nitrous Oxide
Carbon Dioxide

Filled pressurised gas cylinders or cylinder fillings with oxygen
for medical purposes, breathing at high altitude or for food purposes as well as compressed air, nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide for medical purposes. Equipped with residual pressure valve plus standardised connection threads according to DIN 477.

(Notice: Wholesale Permit acc. Section 52a AMG required!)

AEROpart® - Oxygen Cannulas

Oxygen nasal cannulas made of transparent PVC with
kink-resistant oxygen safety tubing. Different models available: According to patient group, material, model such as Standard,
High Flow, etc., with various nasal tips (cannulas), different tubing lengths, star lumens and more.

AEROpart® - Oxygen Masks

Oxygen masks made of transparent PVC, for children or adults, with moldable nose clip and elastic head strap, available in different types: with / without oxygen safety tubing and reservoir bag as well as phthalate-free.

AEROpart® - Aerosol Inhalation Sets

Single use aerosol inhalation sets for children or adults,
consisting of mask with moldable nose clip and elastic head strap, 6 ml medication nebulizer and kink-resistant 2 m oxygen safety tubing.

AEROpart® - Oxygen Safety Tubing

Oxygen safety tubings made of transparent PVC, kink-resistant, different lengths, with different star lumens. Also available as phthalate-free version.

AEROpart® - Further Products and Accessories

The AEROpart® range is rounded off by further products for oxygen therapy: AEROpart® - Barbed Hose Adapters and various Tubing Connectors, Water Trap and Ear Wrap. Feel free to contact us!



AEROpart® - Bubble Humidifiers

Bubble humidifiers for use in oxygen therapy, in different versions (Single use / reusable, capacity, connection as well as high flow).

AEROpart® - Sterile Water and Sterile Water Systems

AEROpart® - Sterile Water bottles 1000 ml, in different versions
for humidification during ventilation and inhalation.

Sterile water systems AQUAPAK® and AMSure® for direct connection to oxygen concentrators or pressure reducers,
in two sizes each.

AEROpart® - Holders for Bubble Humidifiers and Sterile Water Systems

Holders made of transparent acryl glass for bubble humidifiers
or sterile water systems. Consisting of basic box, exchangeable template cover and additional eyelets for suspension.

Filters for Oxygen Concentrators

Filters for Oxygen Concentrators

AEROvent® - Medical Filters

The AEROvent® range of medical filters also offers the right solution for your specific needs in the field of oxygen and inhalation. Depending on the device and the application,
the AEROvent® - Device Protection Filters (HEPA filters), AEROvent® - Fine and Foam Device Filters as well as AEROvent® - Final Bacteria Filters are available for oxygen concentrators.
The range is rounded off with the AEROvent® - Bacterial and
Viral Filters for ultrasonic nebulizers as well as for spirometry.

Inhalation Systems for Aerosol Therapy


Inhalation Systems
for Aerosol Therapy

Soffio Cube Inhalation Device

Lightweight and compact inhalation device for aerosol therapy of the lower respiratory tract. User-friendly operating concept and small dimensions allow an easy and efficient therapy. Thanks to performance and scope of supply ideal for the whole family. Good nebulizer specifications. Accessories available as year pack.

Nebula Inhalation Device

The aerosol inhalation device for healthcare facilities and private users who are looking for technical excellence and highest reliability in one device for the treatment of the lower respiratory tract. Powerful compressor for short treatment times and very good nebulizer specifications for optimal aerosol absorption
in the deep lung regions. Extensive range of accessories available for individual needs.

Rinowash - Nebulizer Nasal Shower

Micronising nasal shower for the physiological and therapeutic rinsing of the nasal cavities as well as the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases. It is connected to a compressed air inhalation device such as Soffio Cube or Nebula and produces
fine aerosol particles that ensure the therapy-appropriate deposition of saline and physiological solutions as well as medications in the upper respiratory tract.