Oxygen and Inhalation Therapy

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Patients whose physical well-being is dependent on an oxygen or inhalation therapy, as well as a health care workers who use these measures on an outpatient or inpatient basis, are aware of the technical requirements placed on the equipment. The mobile applications of the equipment must not be at the expense of performance or reliability, and the individual components must harmonize perfectly, both mobile and stationary. Four of our brands ensure that this goal is achieved: AEROtreat® oxygen treatment systems, AEROpart® oxygen and inhalation accessories as well as humidifying technology, AEROvent® filters for oxygen concentrators and the Air Liquide Healthcare inhalation systems of our AEROway® product range, which are exclusively distributed by HUM in Germany, help you to a successful therapy.

Oxygen Therapy Treatment Solutions

Oxygen Therapy Treatment Solutions

AEROtreat® - MobilEOC | MobilFast | MobilFix I

AEROtreat®- MobilEOC, portable oxygen saving system for mobile long-term oxygen therapies. Delivers O2 flow upon demand: The electronic oxygen-saving regulator offers an O2-saving ratio up to 7:1 and thus combines mobility and cost control.

AEROpart® - MobilFast, portable O2-devices for mobile use and short-term O2-Inhalation. Available with different gradually adjustable AEROway® - Fast pressure reducers and O2-Cylinders.

AEROtreat® - MobilFix I, portable O2-devices for a mobile, fast and short term O2-inhalation. Different AEROway® - FixI Pressure Reducer with fixed O2 flow and O2-Cylinder options.

AEROtreat® - Basis and Standard

AEROtreat® Basis and Standard, mobile O2 standing devices and armatures for O2-Inhalation up to 15 lpm. Model Basis with gradually adjustable AEROway® Fast Pressure Reducer and model Standard with continuously adjustable AEROway® Fine Pressure Reducer.

AEROtreat® - ResuceFast and CareFast

AEROtreat®- ResuceFast, mobile O2 standing devices for nursing care- and / or emergency situations with a complete equipment: O2-Inhalation up to 15 lpm, adjustable suction, and resuscitation.
AEROtreat®- CareFast, mobile O2 standing devices for nursing care, with O2 inhalation up to 15 lpm and fixed suction.

AEROtreat® - MobilTPS

AEROtreat®- MobilTPS, carrying platform systems with gradually adjustable flow or fix pressure settings, in different configurations with a variety of pressure reducer, application accessories and 2 l O2-Cylinders.

Oxygen and Inhalation Accessories

Oxygen and Inhalation Accessories

AEROpart® - Oxygen Cannulas

O2 cannulas made from transparent PVC incl. O2 safety tubing. Different models, according to: Patient group, shape of nasal tips, material, desired flow and length/type of star lumina.

AEROpart® - Oxygen Masks

Oxygen masks made from transparent PVC, for children or adults, with adjustable nose clip and elastic head strap. Available in different types (with/without O2 safety tubing and reservoir bag, also phthalate free).

AEROpart® - Aerosol Inhalation Sets

Aerosol-inhalation sets made from transparent PVC, for children and adults, consisting of mask with adjustable nose clip and elastic head strap, 6 ml aerosol nebulizer and 2 m O2 -safety tubing.

AEROpart® - Oxygen Safety Tubing

O2-Safety tubing made from transparent PVC, kink-safe, in different lengths, with different star lumina. Also available as phthalate-free model.

AEROpart® - Further Products and Accessories

The AEROpart® range is rounded out by additional oxygen accessories: AEROpart® Ear Wraps, O2 Catheter, Barbed Hose Adapters and Water Traps, AEROtube® Universal IPPB Tubing System, Hudson RCI and CareFusion oxygen cannulas and Firesafe® barbed hose adapters and connectors.



AEROpart® - Humidifiers

Humidifiers for use in oxygen therapy, available in different models (capacity, inlet type, single use / reusable, normal and high flow)

AEROpart® - Sterile Water and Sterile Water Systems

AEROpart® sterile water bottles 1000ml, available in different models, for humidification during oxygen therapy and inhalation.

AEROpart® sterile water systems for direct connection to O2-concentrators or pressure reducers from Respiflo, Aquapak and STER-O2, two different sizes per type. Also available: Respiflo Sterile Water System for ultrasonic nebulization.

AEROpart® - Holders for Sterile Water Systems and Humidifiers

Holder of transparent acrylic glass for humidifiers or sterile water systems. Consisting of basic box and exchangeable template covers.

AEROpart® - Maintenance Service Packages for Oxygen Concentrators

Build your own individual service package for oxygen therapy and O2-concentrators! Just tell us which components your service package should consist of. We are happy to assist you with the selection.

Filters for Oxygen Concentrators

Filters for Oxygen Concentrators

AEROvent® - Medical Filters

The AEROvent® range for medical filters also offers the right solution for your specific needs in the field of O2 and inhalation. Depending on the device and the application, you can choose the AEROvent® device protection filters (HEPA filters), AEROvent® Fine and Foam device filters, AEROvent® bacterial outlet filters and AEROvent® filter sets and their individual components for O2 concentrators. The range is rounded out with the AEROvent® bacteria and virus filter for ultrasonic nebulizers.

Inhalation Systems


Inhalation Systems for Aerosol Therapy

Soffio Cube

Lightweight and compact inhalation device for aerosol therapy of the lower respiratory tract. User-friendly operating concept and small dimensions allow an easy and efficient therapy. Thanks to performance and scope of supply ideal for the whole family. Good nebulizer specifications. Accessories available as year pack.


The aerosol inhalation device for healthcare facilities and private users looking for top-of-the-line, high-reliability equipment in one device for the treatment of the lower respiratory tract. High-performance compressor for short treatment times and very good nebulizer specifications for optimal aerosol uptake in the deep lung regions. Extensive range of accessories available for individual needs.


Micronising nasal douche for the physiological and therapeutic rinsing of the nasal cavities as well as the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Connected to a compressed air inhalation device such as Soffio Cube or Nebula, it produces fine aerosol particles that allow solutions and medications to be deposited in a way appropriate for the therapy and thus significantly improve the well-being in the upper respiratory tract.