First Aid

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The important and at the same time practical first aid products of the brands AEROuse and AEROfusion undoubtedly belong in every emergency backpack and case. For years, our AEROuse - Rescue Sheet has been one of the products that first responders use immediately at the place of action, after all, protecting injured people from heat, cold or other weather conditions is of primary importance. AEROuse - Instant Cold Compresses relieve the pain caused by sprains, strains and contusions or minor burns completely independently of any energy source. Finally, the AEROfusion - One-Handed Tourniquet is a reliable helper that is gentle on the patient due to its well thought-out design.

Rescue Sheets

Rescue Sheets

AEROuse - Rescue Sheet GS1

High quality aluminum-coated rescue sheet that protects injured people against cold and hypothermia as well as against heat and solar radiation during first aid. Extremely thin and tear-resistant as well as highly reflective.

Tactical version available upon request.

Istant Cold CompressesInstant

Instant Cold Compresses

AEROuse - Instant Cold Compress

Instant Cold Compress for rapid cooling to relieve pain and swelling from sprains, strains, contusions, minor burns, etc.
Easy activation by pressure generates immediate intensive cooling. Versatile fields of application: Medical and rescue services, company medical kit acc. DIN 13157 and DIN 13169, sports and free time, etc.

Customized cold compresses available upon request -
with individual customer logo and possible in your own design!

One-Hand Tourniquet

One-Handed Tourniquet

AEROfusion - One-Hand Torniquet

Professional and patient-friendly tourniquet, suitable as ambulatory aid for blood congestion, blood draw and infusion as well as for adults and children. Customizable solution, convenient one-hand operation and can be decongested and released separately, thanks to the multifunctional closure.

Customized tourniquets available upon request -
with individual customer logo and possible selection of
10 different colours!